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Commercial LBS (Coming Soon)
Emergency LBS:

Deployment/Integration Services:

Deployment of E911 system within the carrier's network can easily turn into a project management nightmare, if not handled properly. SageTel provides a one stop solution - end to end deployment services from cell site implementation to PSAP integration. SageTel's deployment package includes:

Program/Project Management:

Manage timelines, budgets and progress. Develop efficient and customized tools to track the various activities involved in deployment. Work with the carrier's Program Managers and technical personnel to ensure error-free integration of LBS network into the carrier system. Enable seamless handoff to the carrier post completion of deployment

Engineering Services:

Implementation and configuration of the LBS network elements to accommodate the limitations of the carrier. Customize equipment configuration to match the present and potential future needs of the carrier.

Verification & Commissioning:

Verify and commission LBS equipment and network elements to ensure all FCC guidelines are being met.

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